Advocate marketing resources

VIDEO: Why advocate marketing?

Learn how an advocate marketing program can help you achieve your marketing and business objectives.

VIDEO: How influential are your advocates?

Customers are a powerful marketing force that is overlooked by many organizations today.

AUDIO BOOK: What is advocate marketing?

In this audio book we introduce advocate marketing and brand advocacy.

VIDEO: The customer perspective

See from the customer perspective.

WHITEPAPER: What is advocate marketing?

Not sure where to start? Get a high level view of what an Advocate Marketing program can do for you in this exclusive whitepaper. Learn how your star customers can help drive marketing, sales and product development in this exclusive whitepaper.

WHITEPAPER: 7 steps to choosing the right advocate marketing software

The right advocate marketing software will help you drive word-of-mouth recommendations, extend your marketing reach, establish a winning reference management program, and deliver customer-oriented product innovation.