Choosing the right advocate marketing software: Step 6 – Head-to-head evaluation

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Continuing our Choosing the right advocate marketing software blog series, this week we discuss head-to-head evaluations – the final vendor-vs-vendor stage.

Whether your short-list was three, four or five vendors, you’ll probably end up with a head-to-head battle between the two most obvious contenders (those that have the best fit with your documented requirements) before you can make your final decision with confidence. This is where you can most easily run a direct comparison between two options. Just like whittling your long list down enables a deeper-dive evaluation of your shortlisted contenders, a head-to-head stage enables a deeper-still evaluation.

Sometimes the easiest way to run a direct comparison is to schedule an in-depth meeting/demo with each of your two finalists in the same day. That way, you can consider all the aspects while the pros and cons of each solution are fresh in your mind. You can put the same questions to each vendor and see how their responses differ.

At this stage, you should be 100% clear on the costs and the contracts for both options. In a head-to-head situation, being in an informed position about cost gives you leverage to negotiate discounts. Both vendors will know they are close to a sale and will be keen to get a return on the time and effort they have invested in their sales process – so they will be open to offering discounts.