Automate Customer Feedback, Reviews, and Referrals! Automate Word-Of-Mouth!

CustomerAdvocacy (CA) is the first platform of its kind to both dramatically improve and automate the process of improving a company’s word of mouth! It does so by affecting the 3 levers at a business’ disposal: (1) it asks happy clients to take action … either leave reviews, give referrals, or other actions (2) it creates a feedback loop so that unhappy clients can be identified, communicated with, and solutions developed to resolve their issues and make them advocates.

The net result is that CA generates new clients, increases a company’s client retention/repurchase rate, AND increases the percentage of site visitors that become clients! It quite literally improves the effectiveness of every form of advertising a company uses, and positively impacts every revenue driver.

How does CustomerAdvocacy (CA) do this? Simple. It combines 3 tools into a more comprehensive system.

1. NPS Surveys – CA solicits ratings and feedback from clients by sending them an NPS (Net Promoter Score) survey. There are many benefits to this survey:

  • benchmark your company’s performance against itself over time
  • benchmark your company’s performance against industry competitors
  • benchmark the performance of groups or individuals within the company, as gauged by client satisfaction (as a leading indicator)
  • identify which clients are likely to discontinue purchasing from the company in the near future
  • reduce the incidence of cancellations or lost clients by addressing their concerns before they lose confidence in the company
  • reduce the likelihood of negative reviews by identifying unhappy clients, and resolving issues before its too late
  • get improvement ideas from clients, which often make companies more effective, efficient and competitive.

2. Review Request Tool – With the NPS survey results in hand, CA then knows which clients are happy, which are angry, and which are somewhere in between. CA can then ask happy clients to leave reviews on whichever site(s) you deem most important, and even provide these clients with pre-written reviews to further increase the probability of their taking the desired action(s).

3. Referral Marketing – CA can also solicit referrals from clients by asking happy clients to share their satisfaction with their social channels.

All in all, its a very simple process, made more simple by (1) your business creating happy clients, and (2) software that automates the process.