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Advocates and challenges

How Do I Get My Customers to Advocate?

Since lets you set custom challenges to suit your business and marketing strategies, you can ask your advocates to do just about anything. Our favourites are social referrals that leverage the power of social media in the advocacy challenges.
Here we’ve highlighted some of the most popular and quirky challenges that get advocates motivated and excited to promote your company and products.

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Start out by identifying who your advocates are?

Now you’re ready to set up the challenges!

Here are a few of the most popular challenges our clients use to energize
their customers and get them advocating:

50 PointsTweet about us!
Tweet about us!

Think you can tell us just how much you love our products in 140 characters or less?

Accept the challenge
45 PointsWrite a review of us
Write a review of us

We always aim for 5 stars, and we love feedback! Head on over to our website and review our services.

Accept the challenge
185 PointsMake a case study
Make a case study

Have our services helped your business soar? Write a case study about how you use our services and what value they’ve added to your company.

Accept the challenge
250 PointsLink to us on your website
Link to us on your website

Show your support and put a link to our website on your Partners page. Don’t have a Partners page? Get in touch and we’ll help find a good spot for a link.

Accept the challenge

And a few of the quirkiest challenges we’ve seen:

475 Points

Take a picture of Wally [company mascot stuffed animal] at a major landmark (Eiffel Tower, Grand Canyon—impress us!) and post it on our Facebook page.

Accept the challenge
500 Points

Join us at a community event and take a picture with our company mascot. We might tweet it, so follow us om Twitter to see the photos!

Accept the challenge
750 Points

Have a speaking slot at the upcoming industry event? Mention us during the speech!

Accept the challenge